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Sunday, April 15, 2012

11 Healthy Living at Home

Healthy living is everybody's dream because it would distance itself from various diseases. You can start a healthy lifestyle within themselves and to create a healthy environment. Try to start a healthy life of the home environment.

Here are 11 tips on healthy living in your home, as quoted from iVillage, Sunday (4/15/2012), among others:

1. Cooking with chemical-free cookware

Teflon pots and pans release harmful vapors and particles into the air, including toxic gases, carcinogens, and global pollutants. Use cooking equipment free of chemicals and choose materials that are made of stainless steel.

2. Open Window Your Home

Even though you spend all day at home, it is possible to be free from pollution. Pollution can occur in a stuffy living room, the smell of glue on the carpet, the smell of furniture polish and sprayed the walls and stained with various chemicals.

Open the windows of your home as often as possible to maintain clean air flows into your home.

3. Choosing carefully in Linen

Several types of chemicals found in fabric sheets, blanket, pillow and bolsters such as polyester, nylon, and all things that are labeled wrinkle resistant. Buy bed sheets and blankets are made of safer materials like organic cotton.

4. Be careful with light bulb

If the light bulb, which is white, known as Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) broken, will cause effects that are bad for your health because it contains mercury vapor light bulb, a highly toxic substance.

Be careful in disposing of a dead light bulb. You can also buy light bulbs with low wattage to save electricity.

5. Do not Jump to Incorporate Car Garage After Traveling

After a long journey, do not immediately put your car into the garage for your car's engine to cool down naturally. If not, the machine will heat the air in the garage gets hot and polluted.

Park your car in the yard for an hour or two before moving to the garage to cool the engine.

6. Avoid Using Anti Unruly Clothing

Clothing with the label 'no iron' or 'anti-wrinkle' containing perfluorochemicals (PFC), a compound related to reproductive and developmental toxicity, as well as bladder and liver cancer.

Choose cotton clothes are comfortable and spend a little time to iron your clothes so as not to tangle.

7. Choosing carefully Needlework

Today many home cleaning products that actually contain chemicals that are bad for your health and your family. Choose cleaning products that have safety or label made from natural ingredients and non-toxic.

8. Reduce Use Dry Cleaning Services

Clothes are cleaned using perchlorethylene by dry cleaning laundry service. Perchlorethylene is an organic compound and volatile solvents to remove stains from your clothes. Unfortunately, the cleaning process will leave the toxic chemicals in your clothes.

9. Wash your face After Traveling

If you wear makeup every day before leaving the house, make sure you wash your face immediately upon arrival at home instead of waiting until bedtime.

The thick makeup will cover up your facial pores and cause acne. Plus dust and pollution stuck to your skin when you are out.

10. Reduce Lighting in the Bedroom
Pineal gland to create melatonin in your body when the atmosphere around your dark so you can sleep soundly.

But the lights are so bright in your bedroom can make melatonin production is disrupted and you can wake up in the middle of your night's sleep. As a result, melatonin production immediately dropped down and make your resume difficult to sleep.

Consider buying a bed lamp or alarm clock is illuminated with red light, melatonin production is less intrusive than light blue or white.

11. Clean Your Mattress

Mattresses also need to be cleaned regularly and should be dried in the sun to be free from musty odor and not a den of mites.

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