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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 Habits of No Knowingly Causing Obesity

Eating fatty foods and high carbohydrate is one of the causes of obesity. But there are things that unwittingly contribute to lead to obesity, and it is often considered trivial and even a small factor. This is her daily habits that make you gain excess weight, as quoted from the Health Me Up:

1. Lack of Sleep
Be careful! Lack of sleep can make you fat. According to some studies, sleep quality did not slow down one's metabolism as much as 5 to 20%. Sleep deprivation also affects hormones trigger cravings, making it easier for you hungry so you would want to eat continuously all day.

2. Eating While Driving
When eating while driving a car, you tend not to notice what foods diasup and more concerned that the stomach feel full when I got in office. Therefore, avoid bringing lunch breakfast fast food like fried rice, noodles or a sandwich with sausage stuffing. Get up early in order to prepare healthy nutritious breakfast and if it really did not have time, take a mengeyangkan fruit such as bananas or apples.

3. Eat While Watching TV / Film
Going to the movies, will not be fun without buttered pop corn munching and sipping sodas. So also when you watch TV with a bag of potato chips or cookies. Why do people tend to eat snacks while watching? Because you stay focused on what is seen than eaten, so the brain can not transmit a signal when the stomach is full.

4. Variation No Food
Eating food that's all, day and night, and so trigger obesity. Although the food you eat is healthy, but if that goes into your body every day is the same nutrients that will make you bored and end up looking unhealthy snacks when eating out.

5. Often Hang Out at the Coffee Shop
Sedkit bored, you've invited friends to hang out in coffee shops. What is ordered? Cappuccino, cafe latte or caramel blended machiato, as well as a companion piece of tiramisu cake. If done too often, do not be surprised weight would increase excessively. Limit a coffee with friends, and if you are required to frequent meetings with clients at the coffee shop or restaurant, order a black coffee with sugar.

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great article a friend, I included the lack of sleep, and my body is still normal, if the question of my food, including those who love to eat, thank you for good article, interesting and useful .....

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