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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cracked walls of the U.S. Nuclear Reactor

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, CLEVELAND - A group of scientists who are members of NGOs of The Union of Concerned Scientist so excited about because of cracks. This is not just any cracks, but cracks in nuclear reactors Ohio.

They questioned whether the condition of the reactor is still safe. Given the nuclear disaster could happen at any time.

Cracks in the form of a thin line along the 30 feet. Found in the outer wall of the reactor. A number of further examination was found, similar cracks in several places in the walls of the reactor Tuledo.

This alarmed the scientists. They wrote a letter to U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, whether the walls of the reactor was made according to applicable standards. The Commission said they were reviewing the report.

However, the reactor manager, FirstEnergy Corp., claiming their reactors designed properly. And the reactor buildings inspected periodically. Current condition of the reactor shut-related replacement of the old nuclear warheads.

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