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Friday, June 17, 2011


Smoothing process like rebounding. The difference, smoothing using selected materials that do not make straight hair becomes stiff. However, although smooth and straight, hair can be blow-expands, so do not look flat.

In-smoothing hair becomes problematic if you're lazy to take care of him. Hair becomes damaged, the hair becomes dry and rough. Therefore, you need to do extra care, that hair is still attractive.

Smoothing, aka hair straightening, make your wayward hair into smooth, soft and naturally straight. Well, so the results are durable good, do the extra treatments such as the following:

* Do not wash it until three days after the smoothing. For drugs that are still working on the hair will be lost.

* After three days, doing a hair mask, or hair mask to give vitamins to the hair that has been exposed to chemical substances.

* You have to wash it twice a week after a hair mask. Use a conditioner after shampooing, especially at the end of the hair that's easy to dry (due to falling drug from the base of the hair to the ends of your hair).

* Trim your hair once a month to be free from the ends of hair that started rough.

* Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb in order not to fall off easily.

* Use anti-frizz or anti-frizz spray oil to moisturize the hair and prevent frizz.

* If you want to use a vise hair to straight hair, use a moisturizer or hair
products that can moisturize the hair, so as not exposed to dry heat. It's best not to overuse hair clamp, because it can eliminate the moisture.

Do not tie your hair, or pinned, because it will leave scars that are difficult to corrugated straight back. Care of your hair once a week with a hair mask to keep hair healthy. Hair mask can be done at the salon or at home (you can buy a hair mask products in the supermarkets or stores cosmetics).

Do not paint if the new hair-smoothing. Wait up to 3 months until your hair is ready to hit the chemicals again.

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