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Monday, February 28, 2011


Spot Market, Cash or Money is the biggest market. You may have heard about futures, options and forward which is derived from its main money market.

FOREX sentences taken from the Foreign Exchange and is the largest financial market in the world. Unlike other market market, the FX market (FOREX) is open 24 hours a day and rake in revenue has accounted for $ 2.0 trillion each day. Revenue from this powerful is a combination of the overall equity markets around the world on a daily basis.

With this attempt to lead into a liquid market and thus make it as a very attractive market to transact in it. The Forex market is a market outside the stock exchange (Over The Counter), which means no need to be transacted on a particular stock.

FX Market (FOREX) do not have a fixed stock. No one has claimed the right price but with the level of liquidity of the market that make it all to go by the rules. Transacted mainly through inter-banks, brokers, forex traders, financial institutions and individuals. Transactions can be executed via the phone and more to increase again over the Internet where the Internet is experiencing a growing penetration darstis.

Only in recent years that there is a small customer has been able to benefit from this market, the range in 2000. Previously required a large amount of funds that hinder small customers into outlets and a game of monopoly of big companies who play a lot of cheating.

With the arrival of the Internet and growing competition is currently very easy to reach most of the customers and the margin that goes into reduced financial institutions automatically.

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