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Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Remove the helmet, Accidents Will Simoncelli Investigated

Sepang - When an accident, who then revoke his life, Marco Simoncelli helmet until released. This then raises questions related to the level of security.

As reported previously, Simoncelli suffered a tragic accident on the second lap MotoGP Malaysia, Sunday (23/10/2011). When cornering, the bike collided with a motorcycle Colin Edwards, with Valentino Rossi also almost hit by two motors.

In the process, the race was stopped because of the accident. Explained later, the accident also claimed the lives of Simoncelli.

In the incident itself, Simoncelli helmet looks up regardless of the head. Perhaps it is the impact of the collision, but given the crucial a helmet to protect his head when unwanted things happen, like the incident, the question of safety arises.

Moreover, the racing world just lost the Indianapolis 500 racers, and Wheldon in a crash involving several cars in the Indy Car.

Regarding copotnya Simoncelli helmet itself, and receive the effects of life melayangnya San Carlo Honda Gresini rider, on board MotoGP would not speak at length given the MotoGP world is still mourning. But he promised it would perform in-depth investigation.

"If I may answer, it will be explained later. The consequences and the conditions in the accident will be investigated in depth," Race Director Paul Butler's appointment in a press conference that followed the session detiksport.

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