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Monday, October 10, 2011

New Ducati Monster Will arrive in Indonesia

Fans of motor sports in Indonesia is now a smile on the plans must be implemented PT Supermoto Indonesia. Ducati's official distributor in Indonesia will launch a Ducati Monster 795 tested.

PT Supermoto Indonesia plans to the Ducati Monster 795 10th To start December 2011.

Earlier than by (04/10/2011) reports, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, reportedly is preparing a version of the Ducati Monster model specifically for the Asian market. The plan, the last version was called Ducati 795 started 20th Next October at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia.

Ducati at the show, Valentino Rossi plans to present to the veil as a sign that to start the engine, the present site reported, citing a Ducati.

Ducati Monster Thursday was produced at the new factory Ducati in Thailand. For the procession to start the engine, Ducati has done special microsite and the figure shows that the engine is slow on the count down until the image is really complete at the time of launch day, 20 October 2011.

The machine, the new Monster 803 cc engine, as implemented performed Ducati Monster 796th Exhaust is exactly the same as that used Ducati Monster 696 and 796 used.

Temporary. PT Supermoto Indonesia, a Ducati Monster 795 10th December launch. While the price at prices ranging from Rp225 million RP200 million offered.


Ducati 848 Streetfighter News: Nicky Hayden closing open mask Street Fighter

The actions of the Ducati team in MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden can add to taste something curious. Not about race, but on a ride called the Ducati 848 2012, who the fans gregetan Streetfighter motorcycle model is to be had.

Coming home from the office in Bologna, Ducati, Nicky Hayden is unique in providing the latest leaked photo Ducati 848th The photo was scattered through the social networking twitter with the hash tag # droppingonmonday.

Shown in the photo Nicky Heyden lift on the front cover of the engine to show only the fenders, hood and front cover of yellow light. Also shown are two-disc brake calipers and Brembo Shock Breaker model on its head stretched.

Ducati is planning to display the engine in the event will receive the Milan Motor Show, which took place in November. But the news had spread, Ducati has not many changes in this new engine, but certainly every new model that is always displayed Ducati attention.

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