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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Geisha Makeup

How to do your makeup Geisha style

Standout from the pack this Halloween with an edgy Geisha-inspired look, complete with an asian-style halter dress (preferably one in a luxuriant, kimono-like material) and a shimmering fan. Here are a few ideas for creating Geisha makeup on your own. Try on Geisha makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Opt for an architectural hairstyle that's gathered high atop your head like a couture model. Accessorize with chopsticks, faux butterflies (found at any party supply store) or bejeweled clips. You might even consider tucking exotic flowers in your updo.

Color-washing is key to creating a Geisha makeup look. It will draw attention to the eyes when they peek out from beneath your geisha fan. It's simply the process of using one shadow color all over from brow to lashline. Once you've finished your shadow application, create small red dots at the outer corners of both eyes (red lipstick works in a pinch) or use liquid liner to draw sinewy, vine-like lines that extend from each corner.

Red isn't the only option for lips: you can modernize the geisha look with a neon violet or electric pink and a generous application of gloss. –Stephanie Simons

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