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Japan Begins Quake Relief Mission

A mammoth relief mission is swinging into action in north-east Japan, a day after it was struck by a devastating tsunami, claiming hundreds of lives. The disaster was triggered by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake.

Global Warming

Total consumption of fossil fuels in the world increased by 1 percent per year. The measures carried out or being discussed at this time there is nothing to prevent global warming in the future. The current challenge is to overcome the effects that arise while carrying out the steps to prevent further climate change in the future.

AU Reiterates Support For Sudan Peace

The African Union (AU) on Wednesday reiterated its support for stability and peace in Sudan regardless of south Sudan referendum`s result, which is widely believed would lead to separation of the region.

Japan quake death toll tops 4.000

he number of people unaccounted for as of Wednesday stands at around 12,000. International rescue teams have been arriving to Japan to join an all-out relief effort, with the Russian team by far the largest.

Three people were killed in a collision

Three people were killed in a collision between Mutiara Selatan and Kutojaya Selatan trains in Kota Banjar railway, West Java, early on Friday.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get Good Quality Sleep Tips

Sleep, besides aiming to rest himself from the fatigue of daily activities, as well as the right to physical and mental rest. Enough sleep is not only determined by the quantity or duration of sleep, but also of the quality of sleep itself.
Well, to get quality sleep, some decent tips for you see:

- Warm bath before bed

- Allocate at least half an hour to relax before bedtime.

- Make bedtime routines and rituals, such as cleaning the skin, followed by the use body care products, or read a book light or scriptures and pray.

- Choose a mattress or mattress the most comfortable. Do not be too "ngirit" in choosing a mattress, if you want to sleep yangberkualitas.

- Wear loose cotton clothes to sleep.

- Use socks during sleep can ease someone to sleep because when the body is warmer, you'll fall asleep faster.

- If the mind is busy thinking about a particular problem, think about happy moments or use visualization techniques.

- Avoid distractions during sleep by closing the door, set the room temperature comfortable as possible, not too hot or cold, and to minimize light and sound.

- Keep your routine when you wake up in the morning, even on weekends, any time you start to sleep, to balance the body.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

A bad night's sleep habits often makes you feel tired and irritable. In addition, a bad night's sleep disorder for six times in a row, it can also lead to diabetes and heart disease.

Professor Philippe Froguel of Imperial College London said, "The control of blood sugar is one of the many processes regulated by the body's biological clock," he said on Sunday (29/1). One of the body's biological clock is sleeping. Disruption of the sleep process that will have an impact on blood sugar control.

New research related to sleep habits that was held some time ago showed that the symptoms of diabetes has emerged as having trouble sleeping for three consecutive times. The results of this study published by Nature Genetics reported the Daily Mail.

Nature Genestics conduct this study on 20 thousand night-shift workers, and the results of the study, proved to night shift workers are prone to diabetes and heart disease. This research study found four gene variants are at risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Messi in Madrid Legend Threshold Break Record

Barcelona - Barcelona mainstay striker, Lionel Messi, great opportunity to go beyond the record scorer in the Champions 'El Clasico' is still held by Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano.

Since the duel between Real Madrid and Barcelona rolled out in 1902, Di Stefano in uniform 'Los Blancos' of 1953 to 1964, has scored 18 goals. Note goal was apparently survived until the feud between the two elite Spanish club, lasted until the edition 222.

Now, the goal lesakan legend 'El Real' the Argentine, likely surpassed by the Barca striker Lionel Messi, who has now scored 15 goals, starting from the first show, March 10, 2010.

In his first appearance, the player with the nickname 'Messiah', has carved out a record as the youngest player to score a hat-trick scorer and after Ivan Zamorano of Real Madrid did in the season 1994/95.

In the age of just 25 years old and are in top form, Messi is believed to be able to break the record in the arena of 'El Clasico'. In fact, Di Stefano did not doubt the ability of left-handed striker who is often referred to as the incarnation of Diego Maradona.

As quoted by Marca, Alfredo Di Stefano who is the Honorary President of Real Madrid, lauding the greatness Messi scoring affairs and felt confident could be the top scorer with an additional four goals.

Messi and Aguero Jungkalkan Uruguay

Argentina finally back topped the standings 2014 qualifiers after beating Uruguay on Saturday (12/10) evening local time Sunday (13/10) pm dawn at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza, with a score of 3-0 (0-0).

Three goals are nested into successfully created by Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Arguero, and Lionel Messi who scored two goals.

La Albiceleste With this result, the nickname for Argentina, managed to record 17 points, one more than the previous Colombian beat Paraguay.

While Uruguay, can be said to be the edge of the abyss with 12 points. Because, when Uruguay again lost points may have to undergo a play-off match with a team from the AFC zone who finished third.

However, it is possible, with the 2010 World Cup title three can not be continued on to Brazil

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