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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chevrolet MPV in 2013

Market aka MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle continued to writhe. Hence PT General Motors (GM) Indonesia can not wait to give birth MPV is coded PM7. PM7 new car market will be launched in Indonesia in 2013. If the time comes, the GM was convinced the car is going to be a mainstay Chevy cars in Indonesia.

President Director of PT GM Indonesia, Marcos A. Purty explain MPV likely that reportedly similar to the Chevrolet Orlando will be the best-selling car in the family of Chevy cars in the country.

"The car will be very competitive, and it will become our flagship product, we can not wait for it," said Marcos without specifying a target sales at Bridgestone Proving Ground in Indonesia, Falkirk, West Java.

He also explains the GM plant, located in Cottage Purple, Bekasi only to produce MPV PM7 and not for other models. And for your Chevy Colorado and Orlando, Marcos said imported from Thailand and neighboring countries.

Previously, PT GM Indonesia has begun to build a factory covering an area of 11 hectares. The PM7 production capacity of 40,000 units per year

"The plant, we only focus on the MPV. There are no plans to produce cars than PM7," he said.

GM continued Marcos does not have a lot of dreams, the most important thing for GM as U.S. natives described it, he led the company can sell as many cars as possible in Indonesia. "We just thought to increase sales. We just want the strongest," he explained.

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