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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Radioactive Substances Found in Tokyo Bay

Tokyo: Wastewater is discharged into Tokyo Bay from cement plants have been found to contain radioactive cesium in levels that exceed the normal limits set by the government for disposal. NHK reported sites on Wednesday (2 / 11).

The factory is located in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, using ash from incinerators in the prefecture to produce cement. According to the Government of Chiba, plant operators have checked the wastewater effluent from the plant into the Bay of Tokyo once in September and once in October.

Then, the operators find the level of radioactive cesium in 1103 becquerels per kilogram, and 1054 becquerels per kilogram in each month. The second level is known to contain radiakotif 14 to 15 times higher than the limit established by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan.

The water has also been used to clean the filter that removes toxic materials from the ashes. Then, the plant operator to stop the use of waste water that began Wednesday. Prefectural government also has launched a survey of sea water in Tokyo Bay adjacent to the plant. (

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