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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Optimizing Battery Blackberry

Blackberry now become a lifestyle for people in big cities, the many features available on the Blackberry appeals to us to buy it. Ease of socializing in social networks, fuel and other Internet services.

But all the features that must be paid at the expense of battery. The battery runs out so fast. For those of you who often experience it, could tries quick tips to improve battery life of your Blackberry.

- Choose a card and operators who have a lot of networking and of course the network is stable.

- When browsing, you should set the Repeat Animations lowest parameters, and when closing the browser application by using the ESC key or option-close. Choose a site specifically for mobile, and avoid visiting the full site web.

- At the time of data transfer or media, use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application

- Charge the battery as often as possible and Select the charger into a standard electrical outlet.

- Adjust the screen brightness and timeout displays, as well as the lack of volume and turn off the key tone

- Use the shortcut, and turn off the connection when not in use and whenever possible use the signal to 2G than 3G network connection

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