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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Foods that are Good For Pregnant Women

Composition of a balanced diet is necessary to maintain good health. This becomes more important, especially for pregnant women. Well for that to you a mother who is pregnant must be smart in choosing a good food for pregnant women to be in consumption. This need is supported by the fact that food choices during pregnancy can affect maternal health and the development of the fetus.

Studies from the World Health Organisation said the milk has an important factor in helping the health of the fetus and pregnant women. "Four glasses of milk per day can reduce a serious risk to pregnant women," they say. Also obtained data, calcium can cut the risk of postpartum to 24 percent negative. So how much energy is needed during pregnancy?

Woman who is pregnant need 2500 calories per day. 're Breastfeeding women need 3,000 calories per day. In the proportion of pregnant women are advised to consume 10 percent of calories from protein, 35 percent calories from fat, and 55 other sources of calories from carbohydrates.
The following foods are good for pregnant women:

Vegetables and fruits. Within one day of many pregnant women are encouraged to eat vegetables. The portion of the lot used was 3 times for a day of fruits and vegetables four times a day. Fruits and vegetables are best for consumption, among others, strawberry, melon, lemon, orange, papaya, tomatoes, beans, broccoli. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and additional energy for pregnant women.

Whole grains. Many pregnant women avoid rice. Try switching to a diet of whole grains, whole wheat bread, pasta, grains, or cereals. Because it is recommended to eat little by little, you can eat it in 6 portions a day. Many of these foods contain iron, B vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Dairy products. Pregnant women are advised to eat at least 4 servings or types of foods derived from dairy products. The type of good is milk, cheese, and yogurt. All of these foods contain vitamins A, B, D. Vitamin A is good for fighting infections and vision problems, and contains kasium good for the growth of bones and teeth later. In pregnant women it takes at least 1000 mg of calcium per day.

Protein. Pregnant women have the privilege and should take at least 60 grams of protein per day. The protein content can be obtained from meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, etc.. Protein-containing antibodies for both mother and fetus.

Folic Acid. Folic acid is needed to help nourish the internal organs like the heart in the process of birth. Needed at least 400 micrograms per day. The best source of folic acid is a kind of citrus fruits, legumes, and spinach.

Iron. Iron-rich foods are also needed to increase endurance. Expand to eat red meat, bread, green beans, and cereals in order to increase the iron content in the body.

a woman who is pregnant should not be arbitrary in foods because it will be bad for both the baby and for yourself. So start of pregnancy to protect it from food that is safe for consumption during pregnancy and consumption of Good Foods For Pregnant Women as above.

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