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Monday, December 12, 2011

Apt Mobile Content Policy Urgent

Premium content industry is under fire because of some cellular credit theft issue.

Premium SMS cases that led to cellular credit theft may bring in many suspects. This action may seem like an organized crime. However, not all content providers (CP) are involved in this fraud.

Cellular Credit Theft Committee at the House of Representatives (DPR) is woking on the issue.

Eko Widodo, CEO of PT Kami Kaya Kreasi, a content provider focusing on ring back tone advertising called BizRing said that content providers are putting their trust in the Committee.

“We're hoping the steps taken by the government and DPR will not cause people to be allergic to premium contents,” Eko said in Jakarta, today.

“A mistake in making policy will result in long-term stagnation in creative content industry,” he said.

Earlier, Kamilov Sagala, Executive Director of the Information Society Development Office (LPPMI) said that in the beginning, content production businesses relied on creativity. But due to tough competition, fraud started to surface.

“Weak supervision by BRTI (telecommunication regulation authority) has resulted in many CP being funded by foreign investors. There is a CP that teamed up with Israel-made products to offer pop screen in Telkomsel,” he said.

Moreover, Kamilov said that another trigger to this mess is the existence of a company within a company, where certain staffers offer special treatment to certain CP.

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