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Friday, January 13, 2012

IMO X5 Android Tablet

IMO Tab X5 or X5 is a cheap Android tablet from IMO Mobile Entertainment with 7 inch touch screen capable of processing data two times faster than Android Tablet Cheap Super X3 IMO.

The touch screen is applied to the IMO X5 is a type of TFT capacitive touchscreen WVGA wide screen 800 x 480 pixels. The dimensions of the tablet itself measures 198.5 x 127 x 16.8mm.

IMO X5 tablets using high performance 800 MHz processor, IMO if the X3 is still 400 MHz, which is why the price of two different tablet IMO this is quite a distance while the physical appearance looks the same. Also without a SIM card slot is provided.

Because without a SIM card slot so you could say that this tablet can not be used for calls, SMS and MMS with a GSM network. This tablet for internet connection can use WiFi and USB modem stick. Modems that support the IMO Tab X060S/X200 X5 is from Alcatel, Huawei E220/E230/E160X/E169G/E1750.

In Tablet IMO X5 available memory 256MB RAM, 2GB ROM and a microSD slot with capacity up to 32GB. And innate feature Froyo Android tablet, among others there is Google Search, Gmail, AppMarket, Flash Player 10.1, G-sensor, Music and Video Player, YouTube, E-book reader, Document to Go for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf and Lithium ion 1450 mAh battery.

IMO X5 Tablet included in the Test page tabloid edition PULSE 219 in October-November 2011 with the title 'Tough Tablet Cheap Processors' and I cite the advantages and disadvantages as well as the conclusion of the review as follows:
Excess IMO Tab X5 is a capacitive screen, cheap price, 800MHz processor. And the cons: the camera quality was not optimal, without cellular features, without the Android Market. Because without the Android Market, in addition to using the App Market as an alternative, users can also install their own applications into the Android tablet, ie, by entering the installer application to external memory and use the file browser to perform the installation process.

Conclusion: These tablets worthy to be owned by the likes to play games or surf the Internet while staying mobile. Dongle USB / LAN in the sales package also become one of the attractions that distinguish these tablets with other Android tablets.

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