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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Google Music Launched At Event In Hollywood

Google Inc. has launched its new music service, Google Music, to compete with the music services offered by audio entertainment leaders, Apple Inc. and Google Music allows consumers to access music from devices connected to the internet and share music that they like with their friends. To promote its new music service, Google has announced that will offer one free song for downloading every day.

Google Music includes more than 13 million songs and can be accessed through the Android Market, Google’s online marketplace for smartphone applications and videos. Google’s Android operating system is currently the number one smartphone operating system in the world.

Google has signed deals with three major music companies: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI and has also signed deals with independent label group Merlin and Beggar’s Banquet label group, based in London. Warner Music has not allowed Google to add their music to the lineup of offerings for the service, so consumers will not be able to access music from artists like Led Zeppelin and Prince whose music is distributed by Warner Music.

Songs that are purchased on Google Music can be shared with friends using the Google+ social network, giving each user “free, full play” access to the songs purchased by their friends. Google’s director of content partnerships for Android, Zahavah Levine, said, “Recommendations from friends are the single most important way that people discover music and we think that this feature has the potential to really transform purchasing behavior.”

The service is expected to place Google in direct competition with Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, who have all integrated music into their core mobile and online products to varying degrees. Some analysts have said that selling online music will not increase Google’s revenue by any significant amount but the move allows Google to be in the market to ensure that Android-based mobile offerings can match what is available from competitors.(

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