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Monday, May 28, 2012

Make Alcoholic Teeth Toothpaste porous

Brushing your teeth to be one way to maintain dental hygiene and oral cavity. However, you can not just while brushing your teeth. In addition to brushing your teeth and the right kind of toothbrush, toothpaste used should also be appropriate.

"Most people just choose a toothpaste of origin, even though most toothpastes contain alcohol in it," said Prof. Dr. drg Melanie Soedono, MBIOMED, in the "Formula Masquerade Ball" at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Central Jakarta, some time ago.

Alcohol is used to accelerate the absorption and action of various active ingredients in toothpaste, such as fluoride (denture), to the teeth. Usually the type of alcohol used is ethanol which are carcinogenic (dangerous and can cause cancer). When in fact, the alcohol content is not required by the teeth and mouth.

Every day, every person at least brush your teeth twice for one to two minutes. Despite rinse, toothpaste remnants will still be stuck in the mouth. "Usually, this toothpaste will stick to the gums, in between the teeth, or in the folds of the tongue, in a long time," he added.

Alcohol has a lot of water absorbing properties, so the presence of alcohol in the rest of toothpaste that sticks to absorb the water around the mouth, and decrease the production of saliva. As a result, the mouth becomes dry.

Alcohol also has acidic properties, so that when mixed in toothpaste ingredients will result in the erosion of tooth enamel. This erosion will be easy to make teeth brittle and porous.

"When your mouth feels dry after brushing your teeth, chances are these toothpastes contain alcohol. Should immediately replace it with another toothpaste that is safer," he advised.

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