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Friday, February 3, 2012

Here are 8 easy ways to control food portions

If you have type 2 diabetes, it is necessary to correctly measure food portions. So know how many calories and carbohydrates consumed and how food will affect blood sugar. It is very difficult to manage and keep eating. Limiting the servings can help you lose weight and eventually prevent complications.

A study in 2004 of 329 overweight people found that, 38 percent of those who practice portion control for 2 years, then it can lose 5 or more of body weight. So although it is very difficult to manage and keep eating, but it can be very useful for keeping blood sugar and weight gain.

Here are 8 easy ways to control food portions as quoted from the Health, Thursday (02/02/2012), among others:

1. Do not skip meals
If you feel hungry, usually it is more likely to eat an extra large denganporsi. For most people, the best plan is to eat 3 times a day.

"People need to eat at least 3 times a day, to avoid so as not more than 5 hours without eating," says Nadine Uplinger, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

2. Measure and weigh food
"Measuring and weighing the food is very important for people diabetestipe 2," said LuAnn Berry, RD, a certified diabetes educator at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Passavant.

3. Have guidelines or size of food portions
Having guidelines to regulate the size of food portions or very important, especially when having to choose portion sizes quickly and precisely.

4. Thorough look at food labels
Food portion sizes are usually listed on food labels, including nutritional load. For example, a food packaging that is written as two servings. So if you eat a whole package, means it will get double the calories, fat, and carbohydrates per serving information to find out how much is consumed.

5. Using a portion control plate of food
Portion control plate of food in the form of plates with partitions. In general, these plates can help measure the carbohydrates, proteins of the side dishes, and vegetables. In June 2007 study, researchers at the University of Calgary randomized 130 people with type 2 diabetes to use portion control plates or plates to eat plain.

Overall, 17 percent of those using food portion control plate can lose 5 percent or more of body weight.

6. Develop good habits when eating out
First, fill the dish with green vegetables. As far as possible have been satisfied by eating green vegetables before eating other foods. When eating out you should also order food with a suitable portion, such as only ordering half-portions.

7. Planning for food
Write down the food plan that will be consumed for several days. We recommend that you plan to consume food that is also accompanied by a portion or size. After the plan, then try to keep them.

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