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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Save battery life BlackBerry

Gadgets such as BlackBerry certainly requires a lot of energy to support its performance. BB user must be very aware of this. To maximize the performance features of BlackBerry (push browser, support for 3G & 2G, fuel applications, real-time connections, and other features) of course requires more power.

BlackBerry battery itself actually has been optimized to support all those features. Still, the condition of the battery decreases with time of use. Unlike the BB battery condition while still new, in which the battery can last for 2-3 days.

10 settings that must be set so that my friend could use a BlackBerry battery last longer.

1. Reduce the brightness of the screen / backlight brightness (screen brightness). Tinkat most minimum brightness on the BlackBerry was still 'fairly light' to use. To set it, go Options -> Screen / Keyboard, and set the Backlight Brightness to 20 or 10. Customize it with the comfort of my friend.

2. Set the backlight timeout as soon as possible. Login Options -> Screen / Keyboard, change the Backlight Timeout value to 10 Sec / Sec.

3. Turn off some features that are not in use, such as wi-fi, bluetooth and GPS.

4. Disable functions such as LED indicators and keypad tone.

5. Use a network or 3G signal only for certain times, for example when trying to download large files (> 2 MB) or when absolutely necessary. Beyond that, simply use the 2G network (EDGE), especially when the BB is idle or if you want to sleep at night. This will greatly save battery life, because most require a lot of energy is when the BB searching and accessing the 3G network. Change the settings in Options -> Mobile Network and change Network Mode to 2G.

6. Use a mild BB theme and without excessive animation.

7. Close applications from third parties (third party) when not in use (ex: Facebook, Ubuntu, Twitter, Games, etc.). Close the application by the Escape key or through menus and select close, rather than by pressing the End key, because if you use the End button then the application will not be closed and keep it running in the background.

8. No need to use the vibrate mode and ringtone simultaneously. Concurrent use requires a large enough battery power. Use either drug alone, and adjust as needed.

9. Remove applications that do not / very rarely used. In addition to making quick battery is not drained, it will also save memory. Login Options -> Advanced option -> Application, then delete / remove the unnecessary applications.

10. Adjust the settings in the Profile as efficient as possible. Adjust the volume, LED lights, vibrate / shakes as efficient as possible for SMS, MMS, BBM alert, email, Message, and warning other notifications.

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