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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fresh & Healthy with Tomatoes

Both women and men will be more confident wearing a woman or man when face free of acne. One of the natural ingredients that can help soften the facial skin and cure acne, large pores and blackheads are the TOMATO.

Types of Tomatoes in this world is

- Plum Tomatoes

Thin skin and a lot of water content. Suitable to be cooked.

- Tomato Beef

Large and thick meat content. Suitable for salads & sandwiches.

- Cherry Tomatoes

Small, sweet and lots of water. Suitable for salads and eating raw.

- Green Tomato

hard, acid and water kadungan bit. Suitable for sour dishes are fresh.

- Tomato Wine

Small (smaller than cherry tomatoes) and round. Red and yellow. Suitable for salads.

- Pear Tomatoes (Tomato Tears)

Form of cherry tomatoes but taste like pear. Red, yellow and orange. Suitable for salads.

Benefits of tomatoes:

- Reduce the risk of heart disease and appendicitis

- Adding lust makankan

- Inhibit the growth of cancer

- Disappear fatigue

- Improve the function of the eye

- Maintaining the health of body organs

- Eliminate Acne

- Treating diarrhea

- Helping a diet

- Maintaining healthy skin

This is the benefit obtained by tomato consumption. Maanfaat others can be obtained by using tomato as a mask. Another benefit of the downsizing of the pores and eliminate blackheads.

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