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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Causes of Rapid Thermal Batteries Blackberry

The blackberry users many are asking about the cause of what Panas.sebenarnya Quick Battery Blackberry Battery Blackberry Causes Rapid Heat? not only that many are asking why the battery blackberry too extravagant, but based on the official specs blackberry stating that the battery can last up to 13 days for standby with GSM signal and 4.5 hours for the phone nonstop.

On this occasion I'll explain a bit and give you some Blackberry Batteries Cause Rapid panas.Sehingga friends - friends of the BlackBerry smartphone user is no longer any confusion with the batteries too fast heat.

Here are some causes of Blackberry Battery Fast Heat:
Causes of Rapid Thermal Batteries Blackberry
Weak Signal

If the place you just got a little network operator then change the setting "mobile network" you guys, especially for the blackberry that already support 3G signal. Kerana depleted battery will be hot and only complains to busy looking for a 3G or EDGE signal.

The solution:
Change the network option, for which received signal is too weak then you change it to 2G only mode jaringan.Masuk into Mobile Network Options and then select Network mode locker next to 2G.
The number of applications currently sdigunakan / Running Applications

The number of applications are you using on the background, especially that require network (Facebook, UberTwiter, 4Square, dsll) will require a network signal and so the battery will heat faster and wasteful.

The solution:
Always close applications when not in use. Do not just press the power button off (red button) to close the application because the application is still running and continues to look for signals for updates.

Maybe so first my simple information about the cause of the Blackberry Battery Quick Panas.Semoga information can be useful for my friends - my friends semuanya.Sekian information about how the causes of Rapid Thermal Batteries Blackberry.

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