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Monday, June 27, 2011

Countries of the World Gold Mine (2)

The surge in gold prices is not only influenced by high demand. However, from the supply side also tends to decrease.

In fact, world gold production from year to year tends to fall. Last year, gold production is slightly better than 2008. But, it still can not exceed the highest production of 2001, as many as 2,600 tons.

Data U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), shows that gold production rose 2.26 tons to 2350 tons in 2009. Production is 9.6 percent below its peak in 2001.

Data producer countries emasThomas Chaize, gold observer of, as quoted VIVAnews, Monday, October 4, 2010, observed that the decline in production has made the price of gold soared. Within a decade, gold prices rose from U.S. $ 275 per ounce to over U.S. $ 1,300 this month.

Chaize also said that world gold production controlled by only a few countries. First, the South African rulers. However berlahan production down and replace by China.

Among the gold donor countries, Indonesia is also included in this list. Then where is Indonesia? Here's a list of countries of the world's largest gold mines:

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5. Russia
Russia's gold mines produced 185 tons in 2009. Increased by 5.1 percent compared to 2008 and 21 percent above 2001.

When viewing a note, gold production in the Soviet Union had reached a record in 1989 with the amount of 304 tons. As for Russia, 2009 was a record production of 185 tons of gold.

Like China, Russia still maintain the growth potential of gold production.

6. Peru
A total of 180 tons of gold in 2009 produced there. Half of the production comes from the two provinces in northern Peru, Libertad and Cajamarca.

Peru's gold production grew by 30.4 percent since 2001 and 0 percent since 2008. However, gold production in Peru is still 15.5 percent below the record 2005 with 208 tons.

7. Canada
Canada is a mining country. Abundant natural resources makes half of mine in the world to be there. Geologists and mining engineers are also many world-class derived from the country in this North American continent.

Nevertheless, Canada's gold production down 43 percent since 1991, 30 per cent since 2001, and increased 5.2 percent since 2008. Canada produces 95 tonnes of gold last year.

Ontario and Quebec into two main provinces that support the gold in Canada. At least three-quarters of gold production in Canada comes from the two provinces.

8. Indonesia
Indonesia is also an important producer for the world. 100 tons of gold produced in 2009, an increase of 66 percent compared to 2008 and down 23 percent compared to 2001.

Most of the gold in Indonesia comes from gold mines Tembagapura, Mimika, Papua. Gold mine owned by PT Freeport Indonesia was in 2009 produced 86 tons. While the year is expected to drop to 59 tons of gold.


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