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Monday, October 17, 2011

Mazda First Car Manufacturer Uses of Steel 1800 MPa

Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC) claims will be the first car manufacturer in the world using steel ultra-high voltage. Steel was obtained in collaboration with Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. and Aisin Takaoka Co.., Ltd.. Steel stress reaches 1800 MPa or 1800 bar. Super strong steel will be used first in the SUV All-New Mazda CX-5 which will be marketed globally by early next year.

More Light and Strong
Superkuat steel is used as a foundation or mounting bumpers. This steel is the inside front and rear bumpers. Its function is to reduce the damage when the collision occurred. Mazda claims the place of installation of the bumper is 20 percent stronger and lighter compared to 4.8 over previous versions.

Steel is added it will be key to obtain the vehicle body is more sturdy yet lightweight. The reason, Mazda will use this steel in the next generation product. Development of body structure that is part of SKYACTIVE technology aims to make the car lighter. The end goal is the efficient use of energy.

High voltage allows the use of steel components of vehicles made thinner, but its power can still be maintained. Surely the weight will also be reduced. Factors not only related to energy issues, as well as stability and agility cars.

The reason, landasaran bumpers are at the most distant (most front and rear) of the car body structure. This will determine the centroid or center of gravity car. On the other hand, the strong steel will protect the driver and the passenger car when the collision occurred. Therefore, the Mazda is very important to assess mengguanakn stronger steel.

However, due to less flexible nature - energy absorption is also low - less good for absorbing energy when the collision occurred. To overcome this, Mazda claimed to have been researching the foundation bumpers that can change shape when colliding. Furthermore, to obtain a sufficiently strong bumper on the CX-5, Mazda cooperation Kogyo Co. Futaba. Ltd. optimize the welding techniques and the manufacturing process.

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