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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can Autism Detected From 6 Months Old Baby

Early detection of autism can only be done when the baby reaches the age of 2 years. Recently, scientists discovered that it could be a sign of autism known as a baby is six months old.

Researchers found that infants aged less than one year are at risk of developing autism already have a sign in his brain response when viewing others from near or away from them.

These findings suggest that babies' brains to see the response from the age of 6 months can help predict whether the baby will have autism in the future or not.

"Our findings demonstrate for the first time that by directly observing brain function during the first year of life can predict a diagnosis of autism later in life, long before the emergence of behavioral symptoms of autism," said the researcher, Mark Johnson of Birkbeck College, University of London, as reported by HealthDay, Wednesday ( 02.01.2012).

The study, published in the journal Current Biology, involved infants aged 6 to 10 months are at risk for autism because it has a brother with Asperger's disorder.

The researchers monitored the brain activity of babies while the babies look at faces that switch from seeing them up close to see them from afar.

Previous studies have shown that abnormal brain activity that occurs in response to eye contact with others. This response is important in social interactions. Children of older persons with autism have a pattern of eye contact and unusual brain responses in social interactions involving eye contact.

Previous research also found that the brains of infants at risk of developing autism process social information differently from children in general.

"In less than one year of age, behavioral markers of autism is unclear, so that measurements of brain function may be a more sensitive indicator," said Johnson.

However, the researchers noted that not all babies who showed differences in brain function later diagnosed with autism. Measurement of brain functions need to be more used in conjunction other methods to include more accurate estimates of autism.

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