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Monday, January 30, 2012

Anatomy of a New Born Baby Now

After 9 months in the womb of the mother then the fetus will be born into the world. Anatomy of a newborn baby has a different. What kind of anatomy of the baby at birth?

Anatomy of a newborn has various characteristics that helped him to grow and thrive outside the womb. A baby is growing faster in the first year after birth than any other time during his life.

Here is the anatomy of the newborn section 1, as quoted from the book Encyclopedia of the Human Body, by Steve Parker, Tuesday (01/31/2012), namely:

1. puffy eyes

Eyelids newborns are often swollen. Some baby pink eyes shortly after birth due to tear duct blockage or bacterial infection of the birth canal.

2. vernix

Greasy white substance around the baby's body to prevent skin exposure pucker amniotic fluid while in the uterus (womb). Vernix can be rinsed or removed after birth.

3. umbilical cord

Umbilical cord which is the local liaison between fetal and maternal placenta has two arteries and a vein with a membrane-like agar-agar. The umbilical cord will be clamped and cut immediately after birth.

4. Fontanela

Fontela is a flexible joint connective tissue between the bones of the skull. Fontela This allows for changes in shape of the skull, as well as help the baby through the birth canal trip.

5. thymus gland

Is part of the immune system (immune system) which has a large size at birth because the immune system is rapidly growing.

6. liver

Liver size is relatively large baby at birth because it is the main organ producing blood in the fetus.

7. pelvis

Part of the body is mainly made ​​of cartilage at birth. Pelvis will harden to form bone tissue (ossification) during childhood.

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