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Monday, November 7, 2011

Pentagon Weapon Prepare to Face the Cyber War

The researchers Pentagon plans to increase their efforts to create the weapons used in cyber warfare. This reflects concerns headquarters of defense of the United States (U.S.) is on the digital threat.

"The U.S. government needs more options the better to keep the country from attacks on computer network security system. Therefore we must invest in the procurement of both offensive and defensive," said Regina Dugan, Research Director of the Pentagon, as quoted by AFP from AFP, Tuesday (08/11/2011).

According to cyber attacks are not only threatening the existence of the Pentagon's security network. But also a real threat against the U.S. military system.

"To this end, in the years to come, we will focus on increasing portion of the virtual world research," he said.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has received additional funding for research for the Internet network security systems of USD 208 million in 2012. Besides the U.S. Defense Department budget also requested $ 500 million to research Internet network security systems the Pentagon during the next five years.

"Our first goal is to prevent cyber warfare. If it fails in the prevention, however, we must be prepared to deal with it," he said.

DARPA's research found that security software is growing more and more complex over the past two decades. While a variety of viruses and other digital attacks continue to occur.

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