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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tricks to reduce the pain naturally

Aches and pains in the body could cause discomfort. Nevertheless, there are some simple tricks that can be done to alleviate pain may be, of course.

Most people will use drugs to be sold are free from pain or excruciating pain to alleviate. However, several studies show a natural way, but effective way to reduce pain, such as by, Thursday (26/05/2011), namely quoted:

First Curse
Discussed are known for tolerance, in order to raise complaints, and can attack the physical and hormonal reactions, pain or pain that seems to relieve trigger.

Second Photos of loved ones
Seeing a loved one as a spouse or child can cause the body to chemicals in the brain areas that can release the pain control measures, and he will have less pain.

Third Fantasize about something nice
Taking account of the mind fantasize about something fun like sex can offset the pain caused. Imagination to help reduce the anxiety and is a person too much relaxed.

4th Breathe deeply and slowly remove
She took a deep breath can slow significantly reduce the symptoms of pain induced. Breathing and also help the fight-or-flight response of the body to turn to pain.

5th A little meditation every day
People who meditate regularly have (affecting the brain, the pain sensitivity), a thicker area of the cortex, the thicker the sensitivity decreases. A few days can do meditation tolerance to pain.

6th Sniff the aroma of green apples
Smell & Taste Treatment studies and Research Foundation in Chicago found that the aroma of green apples muscle contractions in the head and neck to reduce and reduce anxiety, so that someone lebhi tolerance to pain.

But if the pain does not appear to go, also reduced or lost, particularly if associated with other symptoms, then consult a doctor immediately to determine the cause of the pain.

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