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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smoking Contributes 15 Percent for Heart Disease

Smoking can indeed cause many dangerous diseases, including cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Cigarettes accounted for 15 percent of the risk factors for heart disease.

Generally none of the organs in the body that is not affected by cigarette smoke, hence almost all parts of the body can be damaged by smoking. This is because in a single cigarette contains 4000 chemicals that 40 of them including toxins (toxic) or carcinogenic (can cause cancer).

"Smoking can cause disturbances in the inner lining of blood vessel walls (endothelial) or the term endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction can lead to fat easily attached. The percentage is about 15 percent," explains Dr. Muhammad Yamin, Sp.Jp (C), FACC, FSCAI, expert of major cardiovascular Eka Hospital, in a media gathering 'Hand in Hand for Healthier' at Eka Hospital, Jakarta, Tuesday (15/11/2011).

Not only that, the nicotine in cigarette smoke also can cause the heart to work more quickly and increases blood pressure. While carbon monoxide takes more oxygen in the blood that makes the heart pump more blood.

If the heart work too hard plus high blood pressure, it can cause heart attacks. Nicotine in cigarette smoke also accelerates arterial blockage which can be caused by a buildup of fat. This will cause scarring and thickening of the arteries that lead to atherosclerosis.

"If it be know but still many people who smoke, it's because of multi-factor. The most important task we have submitted. Need awareness of each person," explains Dr. Yamin.

In addition to heart disease, there are some other dangerous diseases that can be caused by smoking, among others:

Lung Cancer
Bladder cancer
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Esophageal cancer
Gastrointestinal cancers
Kidney Cancer
Oral cancer
Throat cancer
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Other medical disorders, such as high blood pressure, fertility problems, aggravate asthma and airway inflammation, macular degeneration (gradual loss of vision), cataracts, cause stains on teeth dam gums, canker sores develop in the intestines and damage to the viewer

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