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Friday, November 4, 2011

Organ damage that occurs in the body of a smoker

Some people smoke a reason to keep up appearances, because if it stops the body will get fat. But no matter how good appearance will not matter when the toxic smoke began to gnaw the organs in his body.

Since 1997 ago, the World Health Organization or WHO has released pictures that tell how severe organ damage that occurs in the body of a smoker. Not only organ inside, the surface of the skin also can be damaged over time.

Damage to various organs in the picture behind the attractive appearance of the smokers are as follows, as quoted from, Friday (08/19/2011).

1. Psoriasis
Smokers are more susceptible to psoriasis, a type of inflammation of the skin that are chronic but not contagious. This disease causes itching exceptional, with red patches and scales on the skin surface that can not be cured completely.

2. Cataract
Cigarette smoke triggers the cataract in 2 ways, the first is directly irritate the eyes and the second by releasing toxins in the lungs into the blood vessel and carried to the eye. Smokers have a 40 percent higher risk for cataracts and other eye disorders including macular degeneration.

3. Wrinkled
Wrinkles and other symptoms of premature aging more quickly appear on the skin of smokers, as a result of the reduced protein, vitamin A and blood flow to the area. The skin of a smoker is usually dry and stripes especially around the lips and eyes.

4. Deaf
Because cigarette smoke can form a blockage in blood vessels, so blood flow to organs in the ear can also be affected. As a result of hearing and deaf risk is reduced while the risk of infection in some parts of the ear will increase.

5. Cancer
More than 40 compounds in tobacco smoke is a carcinogen or cancer-promoting. A smoker has a 20-fold risk for lung cancer than nonsmokers. The longer the smoke, the greater the risk of cancer in other parts, especially the nose and respiratory tract, oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, breast and kidney.

6. Cavities or date
Chemical balance in the oral cavity is disrupted by cigarette smoke, thereby triggering the formation of tartar makes teeth look yellow. Smokers are also 1.5 times more at risk to experience tooth loss, decay or rot.

7. Emphysema or shortness of breath
In addition to triggering lung cancer, smoking also causes some air pockets in the lungs collapsed. The result is shortness of breath due to the capacity to accommodate the oxygen is reduced, which in a certain severity must be resolved by punching holes in the airways in the throat.

8. Bone loss
Carbon monoxide results in incomplete combustion and cigarette fumes can sabotage the function of hemoglobin as an oxygen carrier. Because the distribution of oxygen is interrupted, the bones brittle and prone to 5 times greater risk of developing back pain.

9. Heart disease
It is estimated that 1 in 3 people in this world of death caused by heart problems, while smoking is one of the main triggers the problem. Related deaths from heart problems, smoking kills about 1 million people / year in developing countries and about 600,000 people / year in developed countries.

10. Peptic ulcers
Toxins in cigarettes reduces immunity against bacterial infections in the digestive tract, making it easy going wounds and inflammation. Also more difficult to neutralize stomach acid, but if it happens then the ulcer treatment becomes more difficult if it has been exposed to toxic smoke.

11. The radius change color
Direct contact between the toxins in cigarette tar with your fingers while holding it may impact directly. These impacts are easily recognized by discoloration of the skin or fingers that became somewhat yellowish brown.

12. Cervical cancer and miscarriages
In any part, the risk of cancer in smokers has increased even in the female reproductive system, especially the cervix or neck of the womb. Disruption of blood flow in smokers causes the oxygen supply to the fetus is less, so the risk of low birth weight or even miscarriage is higher.

13. Sperm defects
The number of sperm that have a normal form in smokers has decreased, so the quality is generally lower for spouses can fertilize. Even if successfully impregnate, fetal products of conception from the sperm of smokers tend to be more susceptible to miscarriage.

14. Buerger's disease
Death of living tissue in several organs which then rot can also be caused by cigarette smoke. Some of the toxins in cigarette smoke can trigger thromboangitis obliterans or Buerger's disease, namely the removal of platelets by inflammation in blood vessels. Decaying tissue occurs because blood flow to the part stopped.

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