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Monday, November 7, 2011

New7Wonders Lists Komodo Top 10 Finalists

Coordinator of New7Wonders of Nature announced that Komodo has become one of the finalists to enter the next stage.

The institutions said that Komodo is listed top 10 finalists of New7Wonders of Nature. Besides Komodo, there are the Dead Sea (Palestine, Jordan, Israel), Grand Canyon (USA), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Halong Bay (Vietnam), Jeita Grotto (Lebanon), Jeju Island (South Korea), Puerto Princesa Underground River (Philippines), Sundarbans (Bangladesh, India), and Vesuvius (Italia).

However, it is not the final result of the competition, but only a temporary polling result. To seal the award, Komodo has to be included the big seven.

In his explanation via e-mail to , Sunday, November 6th 2011, Head of Communication for New7Wonders, Eamonn Fitzgerald said that changes may happen in a short term.

The New7Wonders’ previous experience in the campaign of man-made wonders illustrated that in last 2007, changes happened during the last week of the announcement.

“So, the big 10 that we announced right now will surely change. With millions of votes coming in, the finalists of the big 10 today may not enter the big 7,” said Eamonn Fitzgerald.

Most of the big 10 finalists are dominated by Asian countries. General Director and Founder of the New7Wonders, Bernard Weber said that Asia’s vote power is seen in the composition of the big 10. “It is clear that the finalists from Asia are strong in this stage, reflecting how the world is expanding eastward,” he said.

However, on the other side, Weber reminded that anyone that enters the big 7 and gain the title of “world’s wonder” may change within days. There are still five days left to final decision. “We are also curious on who will come out as temporary winner of New7Wonders of Nature on 11-11-11,” he added.

Supports are coming in

Head of Komodo’s Winning Support Team (P2K) Emmy Hafild is grateful for the temporary result gained by Komodo. “We are grateful. Komodo was lacking behind. Way behind. Now it’s in the big 10, Alhamdulillah,” Emmy told, on Sunday.

Votes continue to come in via text messages. “We already have our guess. This is because of the great support we received,” he said.

Polemic, chaos, and many negative rumors regarding the organization and the polling system, turn out to be a “blessing” for Komodo. Komodo’s popularity increases. People become more aware and support Komodo to become one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

“After the black campaign, issues about the organizers, issues about the polling, it turns out that the polling result increase up to 3 times higher than the previous month,” he said. In the beginning, Komodo’s participation in this competition triggered a controversy. Some officials thought that the New7Wonders is just bogus.

However, Emmy refused to state the total votes of the temporary polling result. “We are not allowed to mention it. We will be disqualified if we dow. But, one thing for sure, millions of daily text messages coming in,” he said. “Yes, the text messages coming in one day may have won someone to become the president”.

Emmy was surprised to see that the Dead Sea (Palestine, Jordan, Israel), Jeita Grott (Lebanon) and Grand Canyon (USA), could enter the big 10.

He said that the US citizens do not seem to have interest in supporting Grand Canyon in this event. Besides, Lebanon citizens are still involved in war. “Perhaps this is an attempt to unify nations. The Dead Sea also gains many international votes,” he said.

To become one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Emmy fully hands this over to the people of Indonesia. During the final count, Emmy and his team would not be able to do much.

Emmy said the difficulty level is not to enter the big 10, but to become one of the Seven Wonders of the World. “To become one of the Seven Wonders of the World, all finalists must work really hard. Can Komodo win? It is up to the people of Indonesia,” he said.

The attempt to win Komodo is also done by many others. For example, on Monday, November 7th 2011, there would be 25 Indonesia’s bands that will hold a gathering in Rolling Stone Cage, Ampera Raya Street, South Jakarta. Its purpose is to invite people to support and vote for Komodo.

Top leading bands who will perform are Slank, Ada Band, Padi and Alexa. The initiator was Abdi from Slank. It turns out that many bands would like to perform,” Emmy said.

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