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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Most people drink water while eating

Not a few people who drink on the sidelines because they can chew the food easier to swallow food. Though menengak water during meals can inhibit the stomach and digestive power causes an increase in insulin that can bind more fat.

"Most people drink water while eating. His theory makes food more quickly down. But these people do not know how wrong this practice and how their digestive systems are very difficult," said Shonali Sabherwal, macrobiotic counselor of Indian origin, as reported by timesofindia, Friday (11/25/2011).

Shonali explains, drinking water while eating can inhibit the digestive system and cause a rise in insulin significantly. For people who suffer from digestive problems, the consequences can even be mixed.

"Our stomach has the ability to know when you will eat and immediately begin releasing digestive juices. If you start drinking water at the same time, all you do is scrape the digestive juices that have been released to digest food, so akkhirnya inhibit the digestive system works," continued Shonali.

Who drink water while eating will be absorbed by the stomach wall. This absorption will continue to happen until the digestive juices are concentrated enough to begin digesting food.

"But with this, because digestive juices mixed with water, the concentration of substance now becomes thicker than the content of the food in the stomach. It causes fewer gastric fluid to be secreted to digest the food. As a result, the food is not digested will enter into the system because will be absorbed by the stomach wall. This will cause acid reflux and heart burn (heat sensation in the chest), "said Shonali.

Drinking at meals may also lead to elevated levels of insulin. The more insulin is released in the bloodstream, the more likely the body to store fat.

To avoid a lot of drinking during eating, Shonali give some advice, among others, do not eat too salty or thirsty and that can make a lot, and do not eat in a hurry.

Research shows that drinking a little water during the meal is not a big concern, but drinking a glass or two more glasses of water can interfere with digestion.

"The best thing is to drink water before and about two hours after a meal because it helps in the absorption of nutrients," said the researchers.

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