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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Miss World 2011 Winner: Miss Venezuela Ivian Sarcos Life Tragedies Made Her Strong

Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares, the 22-year-old Miss Venezuela on Sunday was crowned the Miss World 2011 at the beauty pageant held at Earls Court in London. She was followed by the runners-up Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Gaelle Sandrine Ruais, while the third place went to Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez.

Like a bright flame that refuses to die, Sarcos revealed that the tragedies in her life made her a strong person and gave her the will to not only survive but also succeed.

Sarcos was born in July 26, 1989, in Guanare, Portuguesa, Venezuela. She has 12 siblings in total.

However, she lost her parents when she was eight. Then she was sent to live with nuns in an orphanage. She intended to become a nun and spent 5 years in a nunnery. However, she gave up the idea eventually.

After the change of her idea, Sarcos attended college and earned a degree in human resources.

"This has taught me that life, although it may be bad, doesn't have to end badly. Although I no longer have my parents it has taught me to be stronger," AFP cited Sarcos as saying.

Sarcos loves working for children's welfare and she also has a strong interest in charities.

"I have created my own foundation to help children," she said.

"I want to carry on doing the wonderful work that Beauty with a Purpose and the Miss World organization does and to help people in need," Sarcos said. "I first and foremost want to help people in need. I would like to help people like me. I am an orphan. I would also like to help the elderly and troubled teenagers. As many people as I can."

Sarcos' personal motto is "Everything arrives when it should."

When she was asked "Tell us a little something about your Country?" she said, "I come from a very religious country and the place I live is devout to the Virgin Patron of Venezuela, the Coromoto Virgin."

"My favourite food is chicken soup and the traditional pabellon of my country," she said, referring to her favourite food.

Sarcos loves Alejandro Sanz and Ricardo Arjona. Her favourite book is 'The Secret.' She said it was because it talks about the laws of attraction and how to be in tune with your life goals.

Start the slideshow to check out this beauty who dared to dream.

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