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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lavender Effective Pain Lighten

Lavender is not native to Indonesia and is rarely cultivated in tropical climates daetrah. But the people almost all over the world must have known his usefulness as a deodorant and mosquito deterrent. It turned out that the efficacy of lavender not only that, this plant can also be used to treat pain.

Research has shown that inhaling the scent of lavender oil can reduce stress and pain caused by the injection needle into the skin. In a study published the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, researchers tested 30 volunteers.

Before using lavender oil, all the volunteers feel the same pain when the needle is inserted into the skin. But the group that inhaling lavender oil before the second trial showed reduction in pain due to injection needles. The conclusion of this study was that the lavender oil actually helps patients overcome the pain.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a mountain plant from the Mediterranean region and cultivated widely in Europe, the United States and Australia. These plant oils are widely used in toiletries, cosmetics, and perfumes, and is a popular aromatherapy.

The name lavender comes from the Latin 'lavar' which means to wash. In ancient Egypt, lavender is used for cosmetics and embalming. At home, lavender can be sprinkled on the top floor to scent the room. Even King Charles VI of France has always brought lavender pillows wherever he slept.

Lavender is also used by grave robbers to ward off black magic. In the Tibetan Buddhist medicine, lavender is used to treat psychosis. Known for its nature as a sedative, lavender oil can be sprinkled on the pillow to help them sleep soundly.

Dr. James Duke, in his book The Green Pharmacy, recommends lavender to cope with amenorrhea (difficult menstruation), burns, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, pain, psoriasis, and vaginitis. In Germany, the Commission is responsible for the management of herbal medicine also supports the use of lavender to cope with abdominal pain, insomnia, and nervous disorders and bowel.

Lavender plants are also good planted in the garden and can form a colorful purple fence. When the lavender bloom, the aroma is sweet and soothing. A little lavender oil in aromatherapy fuels can create a peaceful atmosphere in the room and help relaxation.

According to FoxNews, Friday (11/11/2011), Lavender aromatic compounds containing linalyl acetate, linalool, cineol, camphor, limonene, and others. In animal studies, lavender oil to calm the nervous system. While human studies, the use of lavender oil in the bath effective for treating discomfort in the groin area.

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