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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google Gravity

Google - Gravity, see the magic!!

1. To make this work you need to have Google Chrome (Internet Browser from Google) installed in your computer. Although it works in Safari and probably in Firefox it is at its best in Google Chrome.

If you don't have Google Chrome already installed in your system you can download one for free at OR if you cannot install it in the system you are using (may be you are using office or college computer without administrative rights) download the portable version here.

The portable version needs no administrative rights to install. In fact it does not install but only gets unzipped in the computer or even flash drives.

2. Psst: When Google Chrome is being installed in you computer, you may check out GOOGLE IS MUCH MORE THAN A SEARCH ENGINE - GOOGLE SEARCH - TIPS AND TRICKS ! to find out how much of Google you know!!!

3. Once you have downloaded and installed Google Chrome you are ready.

4. Log on to or its regional variants ( etc.)

5. In the Google search type 'Google Gravity' without the quotes (').(Capitalization does not matter)

6. Now Press the 'I am feeling Lucky button' below the Search bar, on the right.

7. Now watch What happens ;)

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