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Monday, November 14, 2011

Benefits of Fruits For Skin

Many eating fiber from the fruit will not only make the body healthy but also makes the skin young. There are some pieces that have the efficacy to make the skin glow.

Here are some pieces that can make the skin healthy and glowing, as reported by timesofindia, Tuesday (15/11/2011):

1. lemon
Lemon contains lots of vitamin C that keep skin beautiful. A glass of warm water, lemon and honey taken in the morning can be a great skin cleanser. Lemon can also be applied to the skin to diminish acne scars and the black part at the elbow. Lemon and honey can also be a natural skin cleanser.

2. apple
Apples are a good antioxidant to prevent damage to cells and tissues. Studies prove that apples contain elastin and collagen which can make the skin youthful.

3. orange
Oranges contain vitamin C which can brighten the skin. Just like apples, oranges contain collagen which can slow the aging process.

4. papaya
Papaya is rich in vitamin C, which is useful in maintaining healthy skin. Also when eaten regularly, papaya can help in the evacuation of stool, which indirectly helps in getting the skin clean and bright.

5. mango
Mango is often called the king of fruits, not just because it feels but also health benefits. Fine grains of mango also has tremendous benefits to the skin. Rich in vitamin A and antioxidants, making mango effectively combat the aging process of skin, skin cell regeneration and maintain skin elasticity.

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