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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bacteria in the Toilet Man In contrast to the Women's Toilet

Toilet is one of the most bacteria. New research shows that bacteria are in a public restroom toilet both male and female toilets turned out differently.

By using high tech tools of genetic sequencing, the researchers identified 19 groups of bacteria on the door, floor, faucet handles and soap dishes from 12 public toilets in Colorado, which include toilet 6 men and 6 women's toilets.

The results of these studies have been published online in PLoS ONE.

The same bacteria found in male and female toilets are:
1. Surface of the toilet was found bacteria commonly associated with dirt.
2. The skin can also be associated bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus are commonly found on faucets and other fixtures are touched by hand. 3. And floor surfaces that have the most diverse bacterial strains. Because the floor is usually contaminated with many bacteria found in soil.

The results also showed there are some differences of bacteria seen in the male toilets and female toilets are:
1. Lactobacillus is a bacteria associated with the vagina, so it definitely is more often seen in women's bathroom. The surface of the skin is usually the first place seized by the bacteria.

2. Instead of Lactobacillus bacteria rarely seen in the Gents.

But these findings do not surprise researcher Gilberto Flores, a PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

"I anticipate that most of the surfaces of objects in the toilet will prove the bacteria found in humans. Most of the bacteria are not harmful. As long as we wash hands with soap regularly," Flores said as quoted by WebMD, Monday (28/11 / 2011).


Washing hands is an act of prevention of transmission of various diseases because of exposure to bacteria and viruses. The skin, especially the skin on the hands often is the entrance wide range of bacteria and viruses into the body.

Hand washing should be done using running water and soap. Washing hands with soap is the practice of hand washing is often done.

The use of water only in washing hands are not effective for cleaning skin because water proved unable to release fats, oils, and proteins in which these substances are part of the organic impurities.

Some people are not supposed to act when using the toilet also allows many types of bacteria. Like when we found the soil containing the bacteria on the handle of a toilet. This shows that, some people there who use the foot to flush the toilet, "said Flores.

No Need to Phobias

By diligent hand washing then people do not have a phobia against the use of public toilets. Should not be too worried germophobe using public restrooms. Germophobe is any person who is obsessed with cleanliness and very paranoid about bacteria.

But it never hurts to keep clean as possible. Because cleanliness is closely related to health.

It is natural that the objects contained in public places has indeed been exposed to the bacteria. Even the bacteria were indeed common in everyone's body, because the body of every person there is a normal bacteria. If the equilibrium is disturbed then the bacteria will not cause a disease.

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