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Monday, October 17, 2011

Whitney Houston Acting on Aircraft

LOS ANGELES, - Singer Whitney Houston makes upset when a flight attendant on the plane in Atlanta. Whitney, who planned to fly to Detroit for the activities of shooting his latest film, refusing to wear a seat belt that must be used by passengers.

After repeated warnings, Bodyguard movie star is still ngeyel up to make flight attendants upset and threatened to expel him. The threat was slightly loosen the diva's ego. Whitney was willing to oblige, as long as the flight attendant was a tightening belt for him.

When confirmed the incident, Whitney's closest associates did not dismiss the incident. "He was acting a little excessive, perhaps also because of the influence of the previous flight. However, he is still one hundred percent aware of it," said co Whitney.

The name of the singer of "I Will Always Love You" in ten years is indeed being tested. Addiction to alcohol and drugs to make life increasingly worse. He has entered rehab several times, including last May.

These conditions make it increasingly unstable. Household with Bobby Brown also had to end in 2006.

In 2010, he tried to rise from the ground up. Whitney started to build a career by touring the world again. Damn, not the praise they get, but criticism. Many fans who feel lost his star performance. Whitney's vocal abilities were not as beautiful now as she has not caught Obar drugs.

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