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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stories Behind Women's cosmetics

Have you ever wondered what a woman in 10,000 BC? See what happened today, women look beautiful and attractive with makeup cosmetics on her face.

Certainly the discovery of cosmetics is not without reason. Following a review of Vanity Fair about the cosmetics and beauty of women from age to age.

1st Spirituality
Have you seen the pictures of ancient Egyptian women? Her classic beauty decorated with eye-catching colors. For them an attractive appearance and scent are important because expression of the phrase "cleanliness of the values of the divinity."

The ancient Egyptians consider to be very religious, and believed that their appearance is directly linked to the level of spirituality. Therefore, under certain circumstances, the prayer, they must find a way to look at yourself presentable and attractive.

You will also be a very clever and innovative known. The invention is a cosmetic innovation that they developed from natural ingredients. Would you believe that they have a product that is guaranteed to pick up stylish cosmetic marks, wrinkles, scars, and makes the hair shiny, about the year 15 BC to 10 can eliminate?

Some other cosmetics developed, which, if eye makeup, creams and perfumes. The invention of cosmetics as it is called closely related to the use of materials relating mesdemet oxidation of copper and tin produced. Such materials are not sure, apply to the face, but they do so, because both substances are able to work perfectly.

They used the color green on the bottom eyeliner, black or gray on the line over the eye and eyelids. It is also believed that to beautify their appearance, the colors are also believed to ward off the evil eye.

The evil eye is defined as the insects, because there were a lot of insects around the Nile penggangu. Cosmetics made with a dual purpose, and many are used as drugs to treat.

The combination of roasted almonds with copper and tin as an eye make-up called kohl or eyeliner used. Black powder is applied with a small copper rod. As for the entry into the red cheeks and lips, they mix the red earth and water. Nail beauty was not forgotten. They use hena plants, the nails with the color orange or yellow.

The ancient Egyptians not only prudent in dealing with natural products. Several studies showed carried out by L'Oreal with researchers Louvre in Paris that 70 to 10 percent fat mesdemet. And it is the same as components of cosmetics today.

2nd Changes in the function of cosmetics
In 10,000 BC, cosmetics are not only to improve the beauty of women but also men. Cosmetics to cleaning, they used cleaners made mixed vegetable or animal oil with lime has.

The heat also makes them used perfume oils keep the skin soft and scented body. Over time, through the invasion and migration and acculturation, the functions of cosmetic changes. When the ancient Egyptians cosmetics that are closely associated with their faith, the ancient Greeks used cosmetics to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Another with the Romans, using cosmetics with pride backgrounds. Not only in the face, she even cosmetics on the whole body. A novel called Platus himself said: "Women without cosmetics like food without salt."

Use Roman lifestyle without limits, including the source of her cosmetics. For example, they use the fat from the lamb, make nail varnish mixed with blood. They have even laced with crocodile excrement, the mud baths.

3rd Trends pale face
For centuries, pale face is the appearance of a very desirable, because they determine the high strata in the social life. That's because those who want to have in a dull and dark skin, while working in the area will have a white skin.

Then, the light-skinned lot of money, so it does not have to work. To these services, the women and men talcum powder from the hydroxide, carbonate and tin oxide.

Unfortunately, there is a price to pay to get the powder. Therefore, they seek alternatives other cosmetics. In the 19th Century, the powder was found from the oxidation of iron. This powder is still used today.

Along with the cosmetics industry movement in the 20th Hollywood Century, the trend with light brown skin replaced. This is the new base for creating all the beauty products. In 1929, foundation and powder appear browning of the skin in an instant.

4th Youthful appearance
During 1900, many middle-aged women in the world of entertainment. Therefore, they are beautiful and look younger have. But eating an unhealthy lifestyle, such as unhealthy foods, not exercising, and living in a polluted air, so that the appearance to look older.

Thus abandoned heavily on cosmetics, especially face creams and anti-aging products. Alternatively, they can always took time to visit beauty salons. One of the most famous salons in that time the house was Cyclax in London.

The funny thing is, they are very embarrassed to admit that require beauty treatments. Therefore, treatment secretly. Own House of Cyclax also sell face cream and blush in secret. A product is a powder, colored paper, which, when pressed it into the oily face, then the oil will be absorbed into the paper and the face becomes radiant.

5th Popular cosmetic industry in the 20th Century
With the increasing popularity of beauty salons in the 20th Century, cosmetics sales are no longer done in secret. Cosmetic industry more and more established. It begins with the sale of cosmetics by the Salon movement Selfridges, which opened in London in 1909. Women were more confident and not care what others think, to care.

Cosmetics are a part of art. One of the biggest influences the development of cosmetics is an art show, specifically ballet. When the dancer came from the Russian Ballet in London, a designer, Paul Poiret, took the overall style and a more colorful look. With regard to the cosmetic appearance, not only on the clothes that are used.

The role of cosmetics was replaced with the tattoo trend. Some women prefer tattooing eyebrows, cheeks and lips, not to be bothered by the ritual of dressing every day. The use of cosmetics had shrunk during the Second World War because of their lack of material for the manufacture of cosmetics. But when the war ended, she returned pampered with a variety of cosmetics.

6th They cover the shortfall
Currently, the cosmetics a fundamental prerequisite for the emergence of women and men. No matter what your job can affect your overall cosmetic appearance. Just as the purpose of the development of fashion, a wide range of cosmetics to help in the community, cover the deficiency in the body.

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