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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stoner: how precious life

Kuala Lumpur - The world just lost MotoGP Marco Simoncelli who died tragically in action on the track racing. A testimony made the world champion, Casey Stoner and his colleagues.

Here are excerpts from three sentences last respects Repsol Honda team riders for Simoncelli, who died after falling on the second lap MotoGP Malaysia, Sunday (23/10/2011), before Colin Edwards crushed by a speeding behind him, and the horrific incident did not may be unavoidable.

Casey Stoner:
"I was shocked and saddened by the death of Marco. When things like this happen, we are reminded that just how life is so precious. I feel crushed inside. What can I say, I'm compassionate Marco sungkawa for the entire family. I can not imagine what they were going through at this time. Only a prayer for them. I hope all stick together and face this tragedy together. "

Dani Pedrosa
"In a tragedy like this, not much can be said. I just want to express my deepest condolences to her family and all who loved him. I had with her father, and that we could do was hug each other. There is no other . It was a fatal accident, and everyone in the paddock still in shock. Many times we forget how this sport can be very dangerous, and when we lose people like this, everything else is meaningless. It is clear that we all do what we liked, what we love. But on days like this, everything is so not important. "

Andrea Dovizioso
"In circumstances like these words do not mean. I think Marco's family and all who loved him, especially the father and mother. I also had one child and what is happening today is the toughest situation you could ever imagine. I saw the tape and I was shocked. In the race you fight and try hard, and catastrophe often lurk in the corners. Marco a formidable racer and he always tries hard. We've been racing together since childhood. From the beginning I noticed he always seeks maximum. He fell many times, but without serious injury, and he seemed invincible. What happened today does not seem possible. "

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