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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Six Tips Maximize Android Smartphone

Here are some tips to optimize your smartphone green robot.

First A Google Account
Android is an operating system from Google, you have to use a Google (or Gmail) to the many functions of your android phone. If you have not, you can do it directly on the phone.

The first access to certain functions in connection with Google as Android Market, you will immediately be able to create a Gmail (Google Mail).

Process of creating e-mail is very simple: just make a couple of personal information is requested, and the account name and password of your choice. So if you already have, simply enter your login account name (without the need and password for your smartphone with Google's servers.

Second Subscribe to data plan
After the Google server is connected, the phone will continue to use the data to search for various applications, including Facebook updates and incoming e-mails. The drain current pulse very fast and without too many of your knowledge.

The solution, provided Internet subscription package of your airline. The operators usually offer the choice of the time (day / week / month) and the amount of data. For simplicity, it is enough to make a monthly plan.

Third Download the application with a high rating
Hundreds of thousands of free applications from the Android Market is one of the main attractions Android OS, but remember that not everything is for your smartphone and your needs. So, pay attention to instructions included in each application (indicated by an asterisk).

The more stars the better the rule, even if "fun", some users have a low rating would be if the stars are not perfect. In addition, read reviews from users who are already familiar with the application.

4th Underclocking effective battery
Is actually very common for Android smartphones in the waste of battery power, but it's not not be fooled. Some smartphones are underclock feature which can be accessed directly from the menu to reduce the speed of the processor. For example, previous work with the speed of 1 GHz, when underclock to 800 MHz.

No need to go beyond cell phones make it clear that power is reduced, because if you do not run heavy applications like games or using a GPS, this function is only to say again to conserve battery life.

5th Protect your phone from the hand of ignorance
Android smartphone could certainly have a touch screen, so you can lock the screen by using a gesture (sample) or with a specific password in order to protect them from the hands of ignorance.

This feature in the settings, Location & Security submenu can be found, and select Lock Screen Set. You may find your own way of security, you can use. If you feel less, you can download additional security applications on the Android Market.

6th Visit the website and forum for advice on your mobile phone brand
Frequently visited sites or forums to discuss Android. Almost every day there be new updates, IT applications and various tips for your mobile phone.

Some sites and forums are also often described the treatment of various problems that occur frequently on an Android phone. Since each brand has its own characteristics, we recommend that you visit the forums, especially on the Android mobile phone brand you have.

These six tips above are basic instructions for your first time or do not have an Android phone. So feel free to keep trying and experimenting with your android phone!

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