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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Selena Gomez So Targeted Killings

Shocking news came from the beautiful singer Selena Gomez. Excerpted from the pages of TMZ, Justin's girlfriend gets death threats very seriously. According to court documents, a unit of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), which specifically deal with the threat, is investigating the case.

Man named Thomas Brodnicki allegedly told the psychiatrist that he would kill Gomez. Brodnicki 46-year-old known to have criminal histories because stalking cases.

Gomez and his lawyer, Blair Berk said Brodnicki told psychiatrists that he was traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles to meet with Gomez. According to Brodnicki the psychiatrist, he also briefly visited the workplace Gomez three times and told the people that he had talked with God about the plan to kill Gomez.

Meanwhile, Gomez said he was in "fear esktrim" and sure Brodnicki will carry out the threat of assassination if not stopped. Selena and her lawyer claimed, Brodnicki has been picked to undergo psychiatric evaluation last month after allegedly threatening to "scratch the eyes of the people on the street". Brodnicki allegedly making threats against Gomez during the psychiatric evaluation.

According to court documents, LAPD detectives responded to the threat "very seriously" because history Brodnicki who have mental illness and criminal history.

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