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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Russia Shave Men Wear shovels and axes

Spades is widely regarded as one of the gardening tools used. But in the hands of Alex Karpenko, 35, shovels and axes can be transformed into even a razor.

English teacher taught this since childhood, his grandfather, who is a veteran of the war, to use the things around him. Novgrod men from Nizhny, Russia, was used to shave with a hatchet before him with a shovel.

"A razor is a luxury, upscale, but not necessary. My grandfather told me that he shave everything used during the war," he said, as quoted by Orange.

"I was very impressed and decided to do the same. I must say when I first saw his wife held the ax in his throat while he was in the bathroom, she was scared."

So he said, "I have decided to hang up the ax and held with a sharpened spade. I think it could make a little safer."

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