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Monday, October 3, 2011

Phil Jones View MU Signs Will Champion

Manchester United were forced to work hard at home to Norwich City last weekend. The difficulty behind the Red Devils, Phil Jones even saw signs that his team would be champion.

Although the status of the promotion team, giving fierce resistance Norwich Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday (01/10/2011) night. They could stop the Red Devils for over an hour before Anderson and Danny Welbeck victory gave the host 2-0.

These results are slightly dampen aggressiveness MU managed to create 24 goals in seven games earlier in the season. Even so Phil Jones even seeing signs of such action if the 'Devil' Red 'will be a champion at the end of this season.

The reason is the nature of which was shown unyielding protégé Sir Alex Ferguson in the game.

"It was a tough game. Norwich came here with a strategy and stick with that strategy. That makes it difficult to penetrate them, but we show signs of champions by scoring two late goals," said Jones on Skysports.

The new 19-year defender brought in from Blackburn Rovers was called if Manchester United continue to please fans with victory. And although they have managed to do it tough at home to Norwich.

"It's hard not to have four players back who remained throughout the season, but all players are able to exchange position and once again demonstrate the potential champion. Go to the position of (different) and was able to prove good enough in that place," Jones finished.

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