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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not Just Relax! It is the right formula


Relaxation is not only soothing to the body from various kinds of thoughts and activities are tense. There relaxation formula.
As a meditation expert Reza Gunawan said, try to relax with a pattern of 4 7 8. such as:

1st Inhale for four counts.
2nd Hold your breath for seven counts.
3rd Inhale for a count of eight.
4th Have as many as four rounds.

"The mistake most commonly made and must be considered when the inhalation and exhalation. Try to keep a full breath to the count of four and full blown in the count to eight," he said.

In addition, never directly open your eyes when you are done, because if you can do it quickly the perpetrators dizzy. Wait until the breathing is easy. The newly opened eyes.

Relaxation is best done before bedtime, as to facilitate the sympathetic nerves. This is one of the nerves with the emergence of a sense of tension or stress associated

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