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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Motorcycle Lamborghini

Italian automaker Lamborghini was not only good at producing super fast cars. Lamborghini also recorded penah produce super fast motor. The result was no less well with the motor in the modern era.

This motor is not a two-wheeled motor replica of the Lamborghini Countach produced by Lamborghini fans. But a real motorcycle Lamborghini.

The story, in the 1980's when the Lamborghini went bankrupt and owned by Mimran of Switzerland, the Lamborghini they want to have products other than cars. And the result is the Lamborghini Design 90 motorcycles produced by the French company Boxer motor racing.

As reported by autoevolution, Wednesday (19/10/2011) Lamborghini Design 90 is estimated at 55,000 euros, or about USD 671 million. Old motor is arguably as old motor sport's most expensive, because the price exceeds the price of the latest motor sport today with the same concept.

With a capacity of 1,000 cc engine, 4-cam, 4 valves per cylinder motor super fast this could catapult power 130 hp. Machine weighing 130kg was able melesatkan Lamborghini Design 90 to limit the maximum kecepatran 256 km / hour. Wushh.

Currently, of the 25 units produced remaining 5 units are still at large. Interested in a bike made by Lamborghini's this? Well the best work Lamborghini motor appears on the site of sale jameslist.

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