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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The majority reasons you hair coloring

JAKARTA - usage and attitude survey by Research International on men and women conducted in Indonesia in 2008, as well as 16 percent women and 14 percent of Indonesian men use hair dyes.

Cover the reason for the majority of their hair color, about 45 percent on gray hair, 40 percent adequate to get a shiny hair.

"For not the color of your hair, the biggest reason why they are concerned about the hair is damaged, the color is not as expected, and the staining is not practical," said William Lumentut, Head of Marketing - Indonesia during the introduction of Garnier Garnier color Naturals products here on Tuesday (10/04/2011).

The same survey, the number of Indonesian women have gray hair at the age of 25-50 years by 43 percent and 46 percent male with a high proportion of 62 percent for those concerned about too much can the presence of gray hair worries interfere with the performance .

"At the moment, is increasingly demanding social environment, to get an attractive appearance, for men and women," he said.(TRIBUNNEWS.COM)

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