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Monday, October 3, 2011

JCI Still in the Global Pressure

Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) today fell by 200 points due to widespread negative sentiment in circulation. Jakarta Composite Index fell the most in Asia among exchanges.

In trading on Monday (03/09/2011), Jakarta Composite Index plunged 200.324 points (5.65%) to a level of 3348.708. While LQ 45 Index fell 38.418 points (6.18%) to a level of 584.218.

JCI slump predicted to continue trading until Tuesday (10/04/2011) this. Investors will still continue selling its shares amid global financial market conditions are volatile because of fears the crisis in Greece will drag on the banking crisis.

Wall Street resumed its reduction to the lowest point in 13 months. The decline occurred shares plunging stock financial companies respond to crossbreed the French-Belgian Dexia up to 10%, after Moody's warned about liquidity problems due to exposure to Greek bonds are quite large.

In trading Monday (03/10/2011), the Dow Jones industrial average closed slumped 258.08 points (2.36%) to a level of 10655.30. The broader Standard & Poor's 500 index also fell 32.19 points (2.85%) to a level of 1099.23, the Nasdaq slid 79.57 points (3.29%) to a level of 2335.83.

Wall Street slump immediately followed by the regional bourses. Here the position of a regional stock exchange this morning:

Nikkei-225 index fell 167.25 points (1.96%) to a level of 8378.23.
KOSPI index fell by 5.18% to as low as 1677.93.
The S & P / ASX fell 33.5 points (0.86%) to a level of 3863.5.

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