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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How Fast Ideal breast without surgery Earn

Breast size is often the case that led a feeling of inferiority. Not only the breasts are too small, but also with a number of large breasts are like the experiences of Claire O'Keefe and thousands of other British women.

Large asset size, F bra makes it difficult to find the best clothes, have problems of spinal disorders and back pain. "I spent many years with large breasts in normal body proportions. It's like a nightmare, not because I clothing I like, you can not always sleep on my stomach and cynical view of man," said Kataya the Daily Mail.

Claire, 30, an employee of a bank in east London, said the exercise was more difficult because it leads to a regular bra plus two sports bras for breast motion did not have a risk of injury.

However, he did not think through surgical breast reduction mammoplasty, because the former scarring and recovery may take longer. Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the fat, tissue and skin and change the shape of the breast. The patient should receive intensive care for three days in hospital and require a full six weeks before full recovery.

Claire is one of thousands of British women who have large breasts. More than 4,200 women decide to undergo surgery, but thousands more scared of the scalpel.

But now there is a revolutionary breast reduction procedure can reduce breast size without surgery. Compared to the equivalent of £ 6,000 worth Rp84 mammoplasty, 2 million, the procedure Microlipo cheaper, £ 5,000 or RP70, 2 million €. Claire Microlipo one of the first patient, who manages the size of their breasts shrink from F to D.

Microlipo Liposuction is a modification therapy with metal needles into the layer of fat are injected through a small incision. This procedure aims to double, ie, break down fat cells and suck them.

Dr. Puneet Gupta, a private clinic in central London, which started this process for 10 months in 80 patients, said: "It's similar to the technique for breast or 'moobs' reduced in men by excess tissue. This is an alternative to reduce breast size without surgery, "he said.

The patients were given only local anesthesia for 30 minutes, when the needle used to break into the lining and remove tissue. "Skills and suck fat tissue will lead to better outcomes. On average, the procedure will reduce the size of 3-4 bra sizes. This is suitable for women with breast cup size F or G, although I have done it cup size K and J. "

But he added that the process is not suitable for women who lose weight drastically so flabby skin or stretch marks have on the chest. Since deteriorate to reduce breast volume is the appearance. Obese women undergoing weight loss program before performing the procedure.

Even among women who have a history of breast cancer in the family. "Anything that causes scarring of the breast, the needle, possibly triggering changes that increase the risk of those who bring up a history of breast cancer," says Dr. Gupta.

To ensure the procedure is safe, before the procedure Microlipo, the hospital x-ray scan or a mammogram to make sure to perform, that there was no tumor in the breast. Six months after Microlipo, X-ray scan also necessary to show the difference before and after the procedure.

After passing through Microlipo October last year, Claire was feeling less pain, and only to her breasts shrunk two sizes. "The operation was not painful. Former small needle that disappeared within a few days. There is a swelling that after 6 weeks, but the results are in line with my expectations," he said.

Now wears a size 34D bra makes it feel more free. "I could buy exercise, sleeping on their stomachs, clothes, as I want without invitation cynical view of man."

Microlipo be hotly debated at the annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic. Patrick Malluci, said the specialist in aesthetic breast surgery: "Reduction of the breast is lifted, forming and restructuring of the breast to its weight, to reduce the results are beautiful, not make it dangles near the stomach."

"Microlipo not in a position to do so, because this procedure only removed a breast lift without fat."

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