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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Growing due to lack of oxygen in hair gray hair trunk

Theoretical hoar caused by lack of oxygen to the hair shaft. Papilloma hair gets the food from the ends of blood vessels and lack of oxygen, the inhaled substances.
"So there was an arrangement is not good hair.

This affects the melanin in the hair and gray hair are," Bastian said Hendra, Practitioners beauty of Bandar Lampung.

The cause of gray hair will be in two divided ie, when a young age (under 25 years), then the gray hair is usually through inheritance / Congenital, climate, stress, medications within and outside influences.

Meanwhile, if the gray attacks at older ages (over 40 years), by age and use or canitis semilis influenced by the drugs / cosmetics such as hair dye caused
Can not eliminate drugs or cosmetics, the gray hair. Except with paint or colored hair, it is only temporary.

But the hair dye can stimulate the growth of gray hair. Thus, the effect of multiplying the growth of the hair is dyed white.(TRIBUNNEWS.COM)

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