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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Giuliana Rancic struggled to beat breast cancer

Startling news comes from Giuliana Rancic. In his appearance on the Today show, the star of E! reality show Giuliana & Bill admits he is currently struggling to beat breast cancer. According to one emcee Fashion Police, the presence of a malignant tumor that had learned when she visited her gynecologist to perform in-viltro fertilization (IVF).

"The news was really shocking," Giuliana said in an emotional interview. "Many people ask, 'We see you're undergoing IVF, so what happened? You're not pregnant?'. Sadly, we had to postpone it."

Giuliana doctor advised him to undergo a mammogram. The reason is, there is the possibility of pregnancy can accelerate the development of cancer potency. Wife of The Apprentice star Bill Rancic itself actually waited until age 40 years to implement a mammogram. But now he was glad to have done it sooner. "Now I believe God does look after me," he said. An operation was scheduled for this weekend, followed by radiation therapy for 6 weeks.

Giuliana and Bill still decide to whether to continue their IVF program immediately after completion of cancer treatment. "I still want this baby," he said, "Because this baby has saved me. When I got pregnant now, it could be kankerku increasingly widespread."

Mentioned about Bill's reaction to his illness, Giuliana said that her husband was being very great. "The greatest of the Bill is that he let me cry if I want to cry."

Get-well, Giuliana.

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